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Kathy Peppers is the President and Chief Operating Officer of Manchester Roofing Company, Inc. since 2010.
Kathy took over the daily operations after the passing of her husband Marc who founded the business in 1989.
Kathy spent 25 years in the insurance business when suddenly Marc, and seemingly the business died. She found herself at a junction in life, which few women have experienced. Stay with the slow and proven career she had, or reinvent herself and become a roofing contractor. She choose the more difficult, and most rewarding, continue and grow the business in Marc’s honor.

Today, after many years of hard work, Manchester Roofing Co., Inc. (MRC) under Kathy’s daily supervision is one the largest and most respected Women Owned Small Business (WBE) in the area. (Kathy not only broke the infamous “glass ceiling” she ripped the roof off it! Today MRC is the roofing company of choice, by both individuals and contractors who want the very best when working on their homes, offices and businesses.

MRC, Kathy, and the crew all enjoy what they do, and the detail it takes to manufacture the most important system of your building. In closing, when you find yourself in need of any of the following services we supply, please give us a call, and remember no job is too big or too small!"

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No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small

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